Welcome to Our Photo Gallery!

The Photo Gallery is an area of our site set aside to celebrate the accomplishments and great work of our students and staff. It will also provide you with a glimpse of some of the things happening within our school.   Being involved in the life of the school, is what "makes it your own".  Have a look at some of the things that have involved our students!  Enjoy.

Ready to get FIT!

Students here at FR Haythorne Junior High have the opportunity to get even more active by participating in our Fitness option class.  Take a walk down to our school work out room filled with fitness equipment and you will find students actively engaged in a healthy lifestyle.  Using the ropes in the hallways, weights on the benches or agility ladders on the ground - this class is action packed!

Pink Shirt Day

On February 22nd, 2017, students and staff at FR Haythorne Junior High work pink to show support to ending bullying a promoting healthy relationships.  Pink Shirt Day was begun by two Canadian students who decided to wear pink in support of a fellow classmate that was being bullied.  Since that day, it has become a symbol of our dedication to building inclusive, safe and healthy school communities.

Animal Rescue

Another popular option class here at FR Haythorne is our Animal Rescue class.  Students learn about how shelters work to take care of animals rescued and learn how they can also be a part of the solution to these animals in need.  A big part of the class is fundraising to help out these shelters with the much needed materials necessary on a day to day basis.  Students get the opportunity to meet with individuals who run these organizations as well as some of the animals that they are currently helping. Here are a few photos from that class.

Basketball PEP rally

Basketball season is in full swing and was kicked off with another fantastic Pep rally.  Teams were introduced and players were given an opportunity to show us a little of their amazing skills with the ball.  Here are a few photos that capture the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding this year's basketball season.  GO HAWKS!

Snacks and Apps 9

Students at FR Haythorne learn a variety of skills when they take the Snacks and Apps option class in grade 9.  Shopping for ingredients, preparing and serving their dishes are just a few of the practical skills that they learn while delving into their creative sides as well.  Here are a few photos from students in this option class this year.

Social Dance

How else will you learn that the "side to side" or the Robot are NOT the best dance moves to impress your friends?  Students are FR Haythorne are always excited when that time of year comes around in their PE classes - SOCIAL DANCE!  Students learn a variety of line dances and partner dances to impress even the most difficult of judges.  Here are a few photos of students practicing their moves.

World Travel 9

Students in Grade 9 can choose from many different option classes - from the fine arts to working with computers, lego robotics, health and wellness to psychology.  World Travel 9 is an option that takes students around the world, investigating different geographies and cultures.  Here are a few photos from students in this intriguing class!

Band 7

Band is a popular option for students at FR Haythorne Junior High. In September, grade 7 band students participated in a fun workshop - getting an opportunity to learn from professional musicians!  Here are just a few of the photos from that day.

Run For The Cure 2016

On October 3rd, FR Haythorne Junior High took a team of 25 staff, students and family members to participate in the 2016 CIBC's Run For The Cure in support of funding for breast cancer research.  The morning started off a little chilly, but it ended up being the perfect weather for a 5 km run. 

Video Game Design and Cartooning Field Trip to Edmonton's Comic Expo

Staff and students travelled to the Edmonton Expo Centre to take in this years Edmonton Expo Comic and Entertainment Convention.  Costumes were donned and hopes were high for an opportunity to participate in some Q and A workshops with stars from popular TV shows and to see what is new in the entertainment world.  Take a look at a few of the photos from that night!

Cross Country Running - Zone Champions!

The 2016 year of cross country running was by far our most successful in terms of shear number of athletes participating.  Over 70 athletes attended both the EIPS and Zone runs at Gold Bar Park at the end of September.  Runners left everything they had on the tough course at Gold Bar Park and ran away with the Zones Championship on October 28th.  Mrs. Huculak, Mr. Mackenzie and Mr. Stonelake were awestruck by the teamwork, sportsmanship and all out dedication our athletes showed at each run.  Congratulations Hawks!

Terry Fox Run

Staff and students participated in a 2km run in support of Canadian Terry Fox and other people across Canada fighting cancer.  Funds were raised to support research to find a cure to what has afflicted each and every one of us in one way or another.  It was a beautiful day for our run.  Take a look at some of the photos from that morning.

Culinary Tourism 8

Culinary Tourism is an option course offered at FR Haythorne at the Grade 8 level.  Students explore various foods from around the world and look at how food and culture are intertwined.  Take a look at a few of the photos of students experiencing Vegemite - a traditional breakfast spread from Australia - for the first time!

Welcome back!

Junior High students were all smiles as they got the opportunity to engage with staff in a fun game of "Haythorne Go".  A modified version of Pokémon Go had students running around the school grounds meeting both new and familiar staff.  Ensembles made up of all three grade groups had a fantastic afternoon of fun and exercise!  Look through some of the photos from that day!