Welcome to the 2017-2018 Athletic Season

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“The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.” -John Wooden

HAWK athletes have opportunities throughout the year to engage in sports that build on their leadership skills and passions. Junior and Senior teams are selected to represent the school in the following sports: Cross Country running, Ultimate Frisbee, Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Team Handball and Track/Field.



Athletic Season

September -Cross Country, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball (Jr & Sr teams)

October -Cross Country Zone, Volleyball (Jr & Sr teams)

November -Volleyball Championships, Basketball (Jr & Sr teams)

December -Basketball (Jr & Sr teams)

January -Basketball (Jr & Sr teams)

February -Basketball (Jr & Sr teams)

March -Basketball Championships, Badminton (Jr & Sr teams), Handball (Boys’ & Girls’)

April -Badminton (Jr & Sr teams), Handball (Boys’ & Girls’)

May -Handball Championships, Track and Field (Boys’ & Girls’)

June -Zone Track and Field, Golf Championship

Celebration of Champions (Athletic Awards)

Team Coaches

Athletic Director: B. Salyzyn

Cross Country: C. Huculak & P. Mackenzie
Golf: TBA
Ultimate Frisbee: D. Webb
Sr. Girls’ Volleyball: B. Salyzyn
Sr. Boys’ Volleyball: B. Salyzyn
Jr. Girls’ Volleyball: W. Van Drunen & T. Maher
Jr. Boys’ Volleyball: M. Bordato
Jr. Boys’ Volleyball B team: B. Sonnenberg
Jr. Girls’ Volleyball B team: A. Sonnenberg
Sr. Girls' Basketball: T. Maher
Sr. Boys’ Basketball: T. Stephens
Jr. Girls’ Basketball:  TBA
Jr. Boys’ Basketball:  TBA
Jr. Boys’ Basketball Grade 7 B team: TBA
Jr. Girls’ Basketball Grade 7 B team: TBA
Sr. Badminton: T. Lamb
Jr. Badminton: P. Mackenzie, P. Maguire
Girls' Handball: T. Maher, B. Sonnenberg
Sr. Boys' Handball: T. Stephens & C. Ursuliak
Track & Field: T. Lamb