Junior High Jitters & Sweet Success

Junior High Jitters

August 14 or 16


This program is for students who are experiencing higher than average anxiety and worry about entering Junior High in September 2017. During this half day program teens will learn about stress management, making friends, and coping skills. Unlike previous years this session will take place at the Strathcona County Community Centre NOT at specific schools.

To register call 780-464-4044

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Sweet Success

August 2 or 9


This evening is for parents of teens going into junior high school. Join other parents to learn more about adolescent brain development, study skills, encouraging healthy relationships and supporting critical thinking skills in teens.

To register call 780-464-4044

For more information see attached poster

13 Reasons...

13 reasons to talk to your teen about what they are watching...

About KEYS

Keys To Empower Youth to Succeed (KEYS) operates with the understanding that Wellness is for everyone!

KEYS is a Mental Health Capacity Building project that operates in three schools in Strathcona County. KEYS operates with the understanding that wellness is for everyone. KEYS works to promote a culture that supports mental health and healthy relationships in schools. The main focus of KEYS is to enhance current school efforts in mental health/healthy relationships. In order to do this, KEYS works collaboratively with students, parents, and schools.


What KEYS does for students:

- Delivering mental health/healthy relationship lessons with teachers, activities, and events

- Facilitating connections to community resources

- Mentoring/empowering students in areas of mental health/healthy relationships


What KEYS does for parents:

- Connecting parents with community resources and presentations on topics like conflict, suicide awareness, and social media

- Developing resources for parents that complement the mental health/healthy relationship topics that students are covering in school


What KEYS does for school staff:

- Working with staff to incorporate mental health links to school curriculum and existing activities/events

- Assisting and mentoring staff with delivering various mental health/healthy relationship lessons

- Working with the school staff to provide mental health supports to students/parents (family events, clubs, resources on school website, etc.)

- Connecting school staff with community resources for presentations, events, professional development, student services, etc.


What KEYS does for the community:

- Outreach to non-project schools when time

- Collaborating on community events

- Organizing community presentations



Bullying happens when there is an imbalance in power; when someone repeatedly targets another person with the intent to hurt them. Bullying can impact students, leading to mental health issues, relationship problems, low academic performance, and negative self-esteem. By educating students, parents, and teachers about bullying, we can work together to promote healthy relationships and happy, flourishing students. Below are resources for parents and students that can help them understand why people exhibit bullying behaviours and what they can do about it. 

Kids Health


Kids Help Phone




Wellcast Ways to Stop Bullying


RCMP Bullying and Cyberbullying




Kids Help Phone


Common Sense Media


Need Help Now


Contact Information

Contact Information

Erin Dawson-Meyers, the F.R. Haythorne KEYS Team member can be reached at 587-337-7576 or by emailing Erin.Dawson-Meyers@Strathcona.ca

Why mental health and why in schools?

'Mental' simply means 'mind'. When we talk about 'mental health' we are talking about the health of our brains. We need to understand that mental health does not mean mental illness - looking at mental health means focusing on how to build and maintain mental wellness.

Mentally healthy people are better able to learn, enjoy healthy friendships, overcome challenges, cope with stress, develop talents and capabilities and generally enjoy life. Mentally healthy individuals are more successful in school, work and life.

Mental health difficulties in youth represent one of the strongest predictors of academic failure and school absenteeism. Half of all mental health challenges start before the age of 14 (about grade 9). Tweens spend more time at school than anywhere else except home. By teaching them in schools about coping skills and the importance of mental wellness we aim to increase their success in school and help them avoid struggling personally with mental health challenges. By working with parents and teachers as well, we extend this support through the majority of their day, further increasing their chances of success.

Asset Development Framework

One of KEYS core beliefs is the Asset Development Framework as developed by the Search Institute http://www.search-institute.org/ It lists 40 assets that help young people make healthy decisions, choose positive paths and grow up competent, caring and responsible. The more assets a child has the better.

Asset building is a positive approach to youth development. It focuses on investing wisely in all youth; increasing their exposure to positive, constructive activities; and instilling values and skills that will guide them from the inside. Building assets is not a quick fix. It takes time. KEYS staff believe that this is time well spent - an investment in the future - and they use this framework when working with students, families and school staff.

For a complete list of the 40 assets and ideas for how to nurture these assets in children go to http://www.search-institute.org/content/40-developmental-assets-adolescents-ages-12-18

For tools and information specific to parents go to http://www.search-institute.org/families

For a brief background on the Asset Framework go to http://www.search-institute.org/research/assets/background