Parent Survey Results Report

2015–2016 Parent Survey

Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) is committed to ensuring all parents and guardians of students within the Division have a chance to share their thoughts on the overall performance of their school and the Division. One of the ways EIPS ensures parent voices are heard is by conducting regular surveys.

In November, the Division invited parents and guardians to participate in an online parent survey. They were asked 15 questions about the quality of teaching, school leadership, parent engagement, and more. Overall, the online parent survey received an impressive 19 per cent response rate, with more than 3,170 responses from parents and guardians across the Division. Throughout the coming months, EIPS will use the results of the parent survey to help inform school and Division planning.

The complete results report for the Division, including summaries of participation and responses by question, is available by visiting

FRH Results

EIPS Results


Emergency Preparedness

In the event of an emergency, Elk Island Public Schools and F.R. Haythorne Jr. High School have procedures in place. Please view our Emergency Preparedness & Response Guide.

Public Information

  • Switchboard (780) 464-EIPS (3477), Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (recorded message after office hours)
  • After Hours Calls/Facilities: (780) 417-8122
  • For assistance with Fire, Ambulance, or R.C.M.P., call 9-1-1.
  • Busing Suspension Due to Inclement Weather

Ask us!

This area of the web site is for all of your questions!!  We try to answer as many of your questions and inquiries as we can and in a timely fashion. We want you to be informed! We welcome all questions whether general or specific about your child who is presently attending FRH or one that may attend in the future! Your question may help others but mostly we'd like to help you! So ask away!

Send all inquiries by selecting FAQ's and Inquiries from the menu on our contact form.

More FAQ's...

I am moving into the school's boundary area, how do I register?

Find all of the information and forms you need to register on our registration page


Can my child bring a cell phone to school?

Cell phones are allowed at school. Students are able to use them before school, at break, lunch, after school, and at the teachers discretion.  Students need to use their cell phone responsibly, FRH is not responsible for the loss or damage to students electronic devices.

How to Stay Connected

Weekly Hawk's View - emailed to our families

eTeacher Pages on the website

Twitter @frhaythorne or @frathletics

What are the start and end times for the school day?

What time is lunch? What is the schedule for staff meeting days? 

Click here to access the bell schedule.

Hope that is helpful!

What happens during lunch? Is there a cafeteria?

All students will be paying a lunch fee this year.   Students will start the school year with the priviledge of eating with their friends in various locations around the school.  They will not have an assigned room.   Once they have finished eating they can continue to socialize with their friends, meet with their club, play with their peers on an intramural team or go outside.

We have a canteen that provides a wide selection of hot food, cold selections, and daily specials that are available for purchase at lunch as well as the morning. The weekly menu is posted on the main page of the website.

Is there an Honours program?

 We offer a full honours program in all four core subjects in both grade 8 and 9.  Students need to achieve a minimum of 80% average and must have at least 80% in three of their four core subject, the total average in all 4 core must be above 80%. Students must apply to get into the program and the competitive average is dependent on the applicants.

What do I need to do when picking up my child during the school day?

Students are not permitted to leave the school building or grounds during the instructional day.  This includes the morning break and lunch. Nevertheless, from time to time a student may be required to leave school early for an appointment, emergency, or due to illness.  All students must checkout at the office prior to leaving the building.  A parent note, phone call, or contact is required if the student is leaving.

What kinds of equipment and facilities will be part of my child's education?

F.R. Haythorne provides all elements for students to have an engaging and positive educational experience. F.R. Haythorne is  a modern and attractive facility that includes LCD projector equipped classrooms, four computer labs, SMART Boards, fully outfitted band and drama rooms, applied technology and foods/fashion labs, two gymnasiums, and extensive library.